The Dining Kitchen / Breakfast Room

4.325m x 3.45m

The Dining Kitchen / Breakfast Room, like the rest of the property has a high ceiling,  a large 7ft-high double window and possesses a sealed and grey slated fireplace, which is sunk in to the wall and framed with a thick architrave.

The room is decorated in dark green three-quarters up the wall where it is separated by a dado rail, the top quarter and ceiling of which are in white, and like the rest of the ground floor possesses 12” skirting boards and an 8” thick decorative coving which are complimented by a dark wood flooring.

The Dining Kitchen also possesses a double radiator and and is equipped with 6 brass double sockets and two 5-armed satin brass lights mounted on ceiling roses.

View: The Dining Kitchen / Breakfast Room. 

To the immediate left and out of sight there is a door that leads into the Lounge, whereas the door in view to the left leads into the hall way and the door to the right leads into the kitchen.

View: Looking across at the second door into the kitchen.

View: The sealed green slate fireplace that has been sunk into the chimney breast. 

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View: Looking at the door which goes into the Lounge. 

View: One door leads into the hall way and the other into the Kitchen.